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Charlotte Recap & UAB Preview | Obi Wan Cumbie

Football and Hoops Recaps and Previews

The gang doesn't want to football anymore.

Timestamps: FB: Charlotte Recap 0:00 Hoops: ULL Recap 16:25 Hoops: ULM Recap 23:30 Hoops: Previews 28:20 Other Sports & Tweet of the Week 36:16

Charlotte Preview | Mr. Reynolds

Charlotte & Hoops Previews

UTSA Recap | Roadran Out Of Town

UTSA & Hoops TTU Recap

UTSA & Hoops Preview | Let's Be Frank (Harris)

UTSA Game Preview

MTSU Recap | Pain Shot

MTSU Game Recap

MTSU Preview | Feeling Blue (Raiders)

MTSU Game Preview

FIU Recap | Two Many Overtimes

FIU Game Recap

FIU Preview | The Gentlemen's Touchdown

FIU Game Preview

Rice Recap | You Just Got Lyddy'd

Rice Game Recap and Talk